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Tips to take care your budgies

Tips to take care your budgies

Tips to take care your budgies

          !  Food for your Budgies        

You should place their food receptacles inside their specific cages so that they will not fight over food. Cover left over food because this might get contaminated with droppings. There are foods for budgies you can buy from pet stores. Their foods include apples, cabbages, carrots, bread, cucumber, and skeletons of cuttlefish. The food should not only nourish your budgies but should also sharpen and strengthen their beaks to   keep them healthy

          !  Buy a big cage        

There are many types of cage available, but not all of them have been designed with the needs of both the bird and the owner in mind. You need to combine sufficient space for the budgies with easy access for your hand, as you’ll be replenishing food and water every day and regularly cleaning the contents. Budgies need space to fly, and also require perches. A smaller cage might not give the bird room to exercise its wings properly, and with cheap, badly designed cages it’s often tricky getting food and water bowls in and out

          ! Make it happy        

Try to put the budgie in a warm room where there is no temperature fluctuation. A light room will keep your budgie stimulated and happy, and a room close to family activities will prevent your budgie from becoming lonely, and will get an untamed bird used to humans


       ! Put in the cage certain accessoires         

Your budgie love a bit of variety in their cages, and it will stay them alert and entertained if you change their toys around regularly

Avoid perches and toys made out of Prunus trees as they might contain cyanogenic glycosides. Also avoid oak because the wood contains tannins. There are no confirmed bird deaths, but it’s always better to be on the safe side.Try to avoid concrete perches, as they are hard on the bird's
Feet, but if you must use them, position them at the lowest point possible.Don't give the budgie too much toys or perches
Two or three different toys are perfect for one budgie, bu
you don't want to fill the cage up with unwanted toys so that the bird feels crowded. Budgies should always have toys in their cage for mental stimulation, no toys can cause boredom which leads to feather plucking


       ! Always play with it         

Budgie loves to play with you or with his partner and advise you to play with him so as not to feel scared when it does the good thing reward it


     !  bring to it a partner        

If you do not have time to play, bring it to your partner, so don't  leave it alone at home

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