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10 of the most well-known endangered species | so sad

10 animals are endangered

The threat to the continuity of animals is due to human destruction of their natural habitats, especially tropical forests, which contain a large number of trees that have become a major source of access to wood and other resources.
As humans cut trees, many species lose their native habitat, making them easy prey for other animals.
The threat is not limited to tropical forests only. There are many factors that threaten animals, most importantly biodiversity. The fossils of millions of years have shown that biodiversity is one of the most important factors for the continuity of all life on Earth. Today, the world faces a threat to a number of life forms On its surface, the following list shows the most 10 endangered animals

1 - Siberian tiger

 Siberian tiger

Was one of the most widespread animals in Asia, but today it is present in American zoos in numbers in excess of its numbers in nature, and is the largest type of large cats in the world and is threatened by the use of traditional methods of treatment in China for its members despite the presence of alternative medicines effective, Only 450 Siberian Tigers remain in nature.

2-Giant Panda

Giant Panda

This type of animal has been classified as an endangered species for several years. Its habits are that it spends half its day eating bamboo, which accounts for 99% of its diet. The main reason for the giant panda threat is to exploit its natural environment for agriculture. According to 2014 statistics, there are 1864 giant panda In nature only.

3-Monkey Bonobo

Monkey Bonobo

This type of animal lives only in the forests of the Congo, and is known for its social nature. One of the biggest threats is the fishermen's love of killing and replacing it with meat. Scientists believe there are between 5 and 60,000 monkeys in nature.

4- Black rhinoceros

Black rhinoceros

It was known at one time as the most common type of rhinoceros, and because of hunting, its numbers have been more than 90% over the past 70 years. The rhinoceros is threatened by hunters who use horns for several purposes, including treatment in China, collecting them as prizes, or selling them at fictitious prices. The remaining rhino is estimated at 4,000.

5 - mountain gorilla

 mountain gorilla

This type of animal is threatened by a number of methods, mainly fishing, direct confrontations in agricultural areas and trees, and despite the tendency of tourists to view it, a large number of this type are infected with human-borne diseases. The number of mountain gorillas is only 700.

6- turtle falcon beak

 turtle falcon beak

A marine turtle has diminish by 80 per cent over the last three generations to 8,000 turtles. This type of animal is threatened by shellfish trade. Millions of shellfish have been sold over the past 100 years, in addition to their hunting for meat and eggs.

7 - Asian elephant

Asian elephant

The greatest threat in East Asia is the elephants' attack. Since elephants require large amounts of food and large areas to travel, humans and elephants can not be found in one community in peace, especially with the human need for agriculture.

8-whale of fin

whale of fin

750,000 whales of this type were killed in the 20th century for commercial reasons, and are the second largest living organism on Earth after the Blue Whale. The World Whaling Organization has completely banned its fishing, with 30,000 whales.

9-The Sumterian monkey

The Sumterian monkey

The animal is located on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, and has shrunk by 80% due to human activities. Although it has increased in recent years, it has suffered significant damage after the tsunami in 2004, and remains less than 7,300.

10- Tiger Amour

Tiger Amour

After being one of the most widespread animals in East Asia, it is one of the most extinct animals in China and the Korean peninsula. The difficulty of printing this type of tiger and its aggressiveness, even among its sexes, is almost extinct today, and there are fewer than 40 of them.

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