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A way To Shop The Bees - Clean Methods To Assist The Bees Today

A way To Shop The Bees - Clean Methods To Assist The Bees Today

The World For Animals Iis With You Again In An Other Article About Bees Are At Threat And  We Have To Do To Save Them

Bees are insects of diligent works a lot like ants recently , bees face great danger and threat from humans .

More than half of the wild species of 600 species in Germany are threatened with extinction. The main reason for this, according to the President of the Society of Bee Breeder in Germany, Barbara Lofer, to bee diseases and other factors such as the nutritional situation and the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture.

A World Without Bees

The extinction of bees will not only be the beginning,When we lose plants we will also lose the animals that feed on those plants,Then the other animals left behind in the food chain, down to the human Which will make the world markets contain half the amount of fruits and vegetables now available, and humanity will start another war to provide food for 7 billion people.

Of the 100 types of crops that provide 90% of our food, 70% are pollinated by bees. The bees are the main component of plant reproduction, because it works to transport pollen from male stamens to female pistols.

The human is the biggest threat to bees because of its use of pesticides. In the past decades, there has been a significant decline in the number of bee colonies worldwide. And others.

In the face of these threats to the bees, French associations moved to move the community and sign a petition to protect the bees under the slogan: "Bee keeper of the environment". The campaign extended to Europe and will be launched to all endangered countries to be a strong and united word before local authorities and United Nations organizations.

What Are Reasons Bees Extinction ?

GM pollen is a major cause of bee death, because it weakens its resistance to several fungi, exposing bees to toxins.

The French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA) has identified 40 reasons for the extinction of bees. Insecticides Does not represent the sole cause of bee death since the early nineties in France, contrary to what is confirmed by the beekeepers.

One of the reasons for the extinction of bees is that since 1980 a large number of beekeepers have decided to breed bee queens from Italy or the Caucasus, preferring the less productive and more ferocious black bees, resulting in the loss of much of that species.

In the United States, for example, bees were infected with an unknown new disease that led to the fall of bee populations, and the French Agency for Food Safety recently prepared a report, a large part of which was published, where experts identified 40 reasons for the death and weakening of bee populations.

Help bees

To help bees you have to spread it among everyone because you are not the only who save the bees from among millions of people, you have to do your homework and publish it between all your relatives friends, among the duties towards bees

Do not use pesticides

Do not cut trees

do not build companies near forests

Throwing waste in places dedicated to it .....

The extinction of bees natural and human loss

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