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Animals participated in the war

Animals participated in the war

Many animals participated in wars in which there is no camouflage or camouflage, co-sponsored and driven by its owners, even if it had no choice to participate in the shedding of human blood to the brother of man, called military animals is the strict term unleashed by the leaders of armies on non-human beings who participated in In the first world war, 16 million animals participated and only 7 million survived.

1) Bees

Bees in war

The Greeks and Romans used bee hives as shells to be thrown in catapult on the besieged enemy cities.

2) Dolphins

Dolphin in war
Among the smartest and most affectionate marine organisms with human beings, some were trained to save the Navy Navy men, and groups of dolphins were trained to find floating mines under water.

3) The bat

The bat in war
During World War II, the US military carried out a military experiment on bats,was brought  the 6000  Mexicans bats tit and were affixed incendiary bombs with their bodies explode according to a specific time,The aim was to investigate the possibility of using bats as a weapon of war suitable to attack Japanese cities, most of whose buildings are of wood, but the experiment failed.

4) Cats 

cats in war
Contrary to what most people expect, cats were used in wars,2500 years ago, the Persians used cats in their wars with ancient Egyptians because they knew that the ancient Egyptians sanctified the cats. The Persians took the cats to the battle to distract the Egyptian soldiers and prevent them from firing arrows and spears at the Persian army. The cats were used in the First World War as a gas alarm Toxic.

5) The horse

the horse in war

The horse is the most animal involved in human wars since the dawn of history, one of the most famous horses of the twentieth century, a horse claiming the reckless sergeant used in the Korean War in 1953 to transport supplies and ammunition in the front lines of the fighting, prompting the army leaders to honor him with two purple heart To the outstanding service necklace.

6) The luminous worm

The luminous worm

Collected by soldiers during World War I and placed in a glass tractor to replace the lamps, and was effective in allowing soldiers to read maps and messages.

7) Squirrels

Squirrels in war

Iranian security services arrested 14 squirrels in 2007 and accused the West of linking electronic spying bodies to squirrel bodies and launching them near the Iranian border to collect information about the Iranian Republic.

8) Camel

Camels in war
Muslims have used beauty since the dawn of Islam in their conquests, especially in their wars against the Sassanid state, where they installed scary masks on the heads of camels to scare the elephants of Persians.

9) Carrier-pigeon

carrier-pigeon in war

Thanks to their unique navigational capabilities, pigeon pigeons were used as effective means of communication between cities and their armies and castles and each other. During the First World War, 200,000 birds were used as pigeons. The success rate was 95%.

10) Elephants

Elephant in war
The most famous who used elephants was the Carthaginian commander Hannibal, when he accompanied her in his ambitious campaign to invade Rome,the elephants had a devastating moral and material impact on the armies of Rome. After that, the armies of the Persians used the elephants tied on their backs to carry the fighters armed with long spears, as well as the arrow-throwers. The elephants, like the moving castles, overthrew all those who objected to them. The armies of the Persians.

11) Dogs

Dogs in war

Dogs played a pivotal role in wars, whether to look for enemies or explosives, to locate survivors under rubble or collapsed tunnels, not to mention assault dogs. The fat sergeant is the most famous dog in World War I, Prominent in the war.

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