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elephants at the route to extinction - the records surroundings

extinction of elephants

The Elephants In Way Of Extinction / Too Important
The World For Animals With You Again In An Other Article 

The Elephant considered oF the animals are facing extinction, every day about 100 African elephants are killed and the aim is to seize their ivory teeth.

The ivory is a very precious solid material found in elephants' fangs and other animals such as hippopotamus and feces.

During the last two centuries, the number of African elephants was about 26 million, but it was reduced by Western colonial powers. Entire herds were killed to use their fangs in making piano keys...etc
The number of elephants fell to less than half a million, specifically 415,000

The Reasons 

Ivory trade

The ivory trade is one of the issues that has now been criminalized because of the consequences it caused. It is never expected that the world will ever wake up and no longer discover elephants in their usual form. Unfortunately, if this trade is not always rated and reduced, it will lead to a range of disasters as seen in the Bees theme

Water and contaminated plants

many water pollutants reason elephants to be inflamed with different varieties of diseases. wastewater is the main source of water pollution. wastewater carries pathogens and natural matter. organic matter causes damage to water as it is decomposed by means of bacteria in wastewater, leading to a vast lower in the amounts of dissolved oxygen in the water, thereby changing the properties of lakes and rivers. the toxic substances contaminated with water which includes lead, mercury, insecticides and others cause the elephant to be infected with cancer and birth defects.

deforestation results in elephants being infected with hunger, losing and extinction for lack of grass and water; accordingly, our world loses a huge variety of animals of excessive price to the environment, causing an imbalance inside the environment.

Illegal fishing

The sudden shortage of oil supplies has played a major role in the rising value of ivory to be more expensive than gold, so the ivory trade has become a threat to the lives of elephants, Especially after the arrival of the Europeans to the African continent - to get the elephants of elephants and trade to be adopted by the sculptors and skilled workers in their livelihood, especially after the rise in the price of ivory,Strangely enough, elephants are more threatened by extinction because of the use of automatic weapons, vehicles, and aircraft to hunt, kill and hunt elephants.

With all this, our world, especially the world of animals at risk, every day we hear the news of approaching the extinction of some animals, 

Which deprives the next generation of discovery them and. Every citizen should take precaution because every animal or insect disappears will negatively affect our world and this will make the extinction of animals And the courtyard of all creatures
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