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7 types of dogs loyal to their owners

7 types of dogs loyal to their owners

Fulfillment is the most important characteristic that must be available in humans and that we are looking for who are around us and those close to us.
That is why humans like dogs for their rare loyalty .Dogs are loyal animals whose owners share all the moments of their lives and feel their happiness and sadness and help them to overcome difficult situations.
So many people do not care about the size of the dog or its lineage, but they only care about the extent to which the dog meets its owner and the extent to which they are prepared to sacrifice for it.
So many people wonder what dogs are most fulfilling to their owners.
We would like to point out that this question is not accurate, but it is possible to say that there are some dogs that never forget their owner, no matter how they moved between more than one house, while dogs have the ability to adapt to more than one home and more than one friend.
We will remind you of some of the most fulfilling dog breeds in the world of dogs.

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1 - German Shepherd dog

 German Shepherd dog
It is one of the most beautiful and most complete types of dogs.In addition to the rare loyalty enjoyed by the Jermann Shepard strain.These dogs are known for the rare loyalty of many stories. This dog is related to the first friend of his life no matter how far or away from him, but he always reminds him and awaits his return.He is also very fierce with strangers or people who want to hurt his family or friends.
Therefore, he is a perfect dog for the acquisition, whether for security or safety at home.
So if you are wondering what dogs are most loyalty then the german shepherd dog will come on top of the list.

2 - pitbull dog

pitbull dog

Despite his well-known greed, but the petbull dog is one of the most loyal dogs to its owners.The petbull may be a bad reputation with great ferocity and anyone who hears about this dog certainly knows how much it is.But the fierceness of a petbull dog is due to the bad use of this powerful animal.
Did you know that the petbull dog was used as a nursery for children in the past because of his great loyalty to his friend and because of his great love for children.
A petbull dog can do anything the owner asks him if he is well trained to be obedient to be a true and loving friend of the family.

3- The Boxer Dog

The Boxer Dog

One of the largest dogs in size and characterized by beauty and strength at the same time.
The Dog Breed  is one of the dogs that suits families.This dog is friendly towards young children and is very patient with their harassment.But he is nevertheless one of the strongest dogs to guard because of his strength and ferocity towards outsiders.
The Boxer dog has high control. It does not wipe as strangers approach a certain distance and starts to warn them directly if they do so.
So he is one of the wolves to answer the question "What are the most fulfilling dogs"
The Boxer dog is used in guarding both houses and institutions because of its great reputation for strength, cruelty and obedience to its owner.

4 - Saint Bernard dog

 Saint Bernard dog

This strain is known for its extreme laziness.However, it is one of the most closely related species of humans.
St. Bernard is a giant dog but very friendly and kind to the point.It does anything to make his friends happy.
But despite the size of the large is not fit for a guard dog because it is much sleep.But when we talk about fulfillment, it is one of the dogs that is very human.

5 - Dog Dauberman

 Dog Dauberman

The Dupermann dog is frightening and tough to outsiders, but nevertheless a very loving dog to a friend.This dog is one of the most funky dogs that many like to acquire.
Despite his charisma and form, but with a good heart and very loving to man and always wants to play with him.
He is also a very good dog in the guard because he enjoys the body of a sporty and large.
One of its most important features is its love for children so it is an excellent dog to acquire at home.

6 - Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retriever Dog

If you look at the image of this type of dog, you will find it very friendly and loyalty and indeed so is this group that returns to Scotland, and ranks fourth among the most intelligent dogs characterized by obedience to their owners, in addition to its social capabilities high.

7 - dog poodle

dog poodle

His origins are also in Germany, and he is known for his hunting trips. He also helped in the care of sheep. This season is known for its lightness, high intelligence, and ability to practice.

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