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Senses of animals

Senses of animals

The animal kingdom includes hundreds of thousands of creatures, ranging in size from one microcellular creature to the blue whale at the other. Animals are found in all environments and from the bottom of the deep ocean to the peaks of the high mountains, from the deserts to the icy icicles of the frozen pole. Over the course of millions of years, each type of animal has evolved its way of life to suit the environment in which it lives. Therefore, this amazing variety is found within the animal kingdom. Although there may be significant differences in the shapes of some animals, they have similar properties sometimes classified as animals Not plants.

Senses :



Is one of the most important senses in animals. There are many types of eyes, from cells that are affected by light in some invertebrates to the eyes of specialized vertebrates. Simple eyes are made only to distinguish the degree of light and changes that occur, while sophisticated eyes can distinguish three-dimensional shapes, sometimes colors. Looking helps the animal to see the source of his food as well as to avoid his enemies. There are animals that do not see the naked eye, such as bats, which are guided to the way by echoing the sound that you give to know how far away from the things as they sound and when the sound returns the bat determines the distance.



The sense of hearing is as important as that of the majority of animals. It helps them not only to recognize that something is approaching them, but also to appreciate their speed and perhaps also their size.
The hearing aid is the ear, which is a fold of skin on the side of the head, the majority of the animals have ears, one on each side, and this helps to distinguish where the sound is issued, and the folds (external ear) reach sounds that vibrate in the air and water, Ear drum and behind the drum are the middle ear gap, where the oscillations are sent by rows of small bones to the inner ear. From the inner ear membrane, oscillations are sent to the spiral gap to the section called the cochlea where the nerve cells attach signals to the brain. Blinds are often more sensitive to the difference in sounds than people with proper eyesight. Blind people often use echo to learn about something.


Almost all animals feel touch, and some primitive creatures, such as Olympia, just keep away. As for the most developed animals, their reactions vary according to their understanding of this touch.

Taste and smell


The taste and smell are quite close, and the taste area on the tongue is very limited, but what helps him is the smell. Sniffing enables animals to identify their surroundings and places as well as identify their groups.

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