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The most important facts about the Panda Bear you should know

The most important facts about the Panda Bear you should know

panda bear

The Giant Panda does not enter the hibernation or winter stages, but it resorts to caves or hollow trees as shelter during very cold weather. The appearance of the giant panda bears is like a normal bear. The giant panda bears black and white, making it one of the most famous species. The giant panda can reach 6 feet (1.9 m) in height and in the wild weighs about 220-250 lbs (110 - 115) kg although adult males can weigh up to 350 lbs 160 kg).

.The panda is a skilled swimmer, with an activity and strength that enables him to stagnate quickly. It is also skilled at climbing trees and bravely confronting his enemy.

.The giant bears communicate with each other through a series of sounds. Scientists have identified one of the sounds of the panda's voice. The panda bear also has many different names. For example, it is called a "white cat in black." It comes with a Chinese name literally translated into " Giant Bear "

.The size of the giant panda is medium to large like the other, with a large head, a short tail and a long muzzle with a large nose, giving it a strong sense of smell. The panda bear also has black spots around their beautiful small eyes. It also has large jaws and jaw muscles Strong side with surface buds.

.Historically, scientists have discovered giant pandas in all the lowlands of the Yangtze River Basin. However, human migration to this region has led to the migration of giant pandas to live in high mountains. Panda bears are still present in some mountainous regions and in western and central China, In coniferous forests at altitudes ranging from five thousand to thirteen thousand feet, these forests are cold, cloudy and humid and are usually exposed to a high level of rain.

.Although the panda is classified among the animals as a whole for animal meat, but it is based on bamboo as mentioned in the first and it is known that it consumes more than 40 different species of this plant, it devotes to different parts of the plant at different times each year to benefit them more, He can eat about 35 kilograms of bamboo daily, and the panda bear uses his jaw to play this role, so he has to have very strong jaws to bite different parts of the plant and chew it to become a paste to digest easily.

.It also depends on other plants such as herbs and fruits, to supplement its diet, and also rodents and birds sometimes, although the panda bear eats the equivalent of half the bamboo body weight in just one day; nevertheless, the panda still needs to drink quantity Large water, water is found by melting snow.

.Panda is a solitary animal, which makes it distinctive, its glands that enable it to pick up any smell on the trees, and the male characteristics that they have a size doubles the size 
of females, giant pandas bear to spend a whole day either in eating or sleeping and rest.
panda is solitary

.Panda females give birth to their young children between March and May. The mating season begins when females begin to refer to their partner through a series of temptations to attract males. After a five-month female pregnancy phase, a female bears a small or small panda.And the female looking for a suitable place to give birth as a hollow tree or in a cave, and a small panda bear up to 15 cm and weighs between 100 grams only, it is very weak in this case where we find blind and without hair and does not start crawling until the age of three months, The mother may leave her young at the age of one year, but usually do not leave the mother until they reach 18 months. Some young pandas can live with their mother for years until the mother becomes pregnant again, Then they leave her to establish their family.

.The giant panda has an extra finger to help it tear the bamboo. It has very strong jaws. It can crush bamboo cane up to 4 cm diameter. It has adaptive teeth that can cut and crush hard stalks, so that the panda bears are not affected by bamboo gifts. 

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