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Tips when buying Hamster

Tips when buying Hamster

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Hamster is a biting animal that combines the characteristics of mouse and rabbit.But its shape is completely different from the shape of the mouse, and the most important characteristic is the absence of a tail and short ears and heavy hair.
Hamsters are animals that many people are keen to acquire and raise at home, especially since the cost of buying them is not  high as compared to other pets.
There are many types of hamsters, including Syrian hamsters, Chinese hamsters and other species, each of which has different characteristics.

We offer you a set of tips when buying a hamster you should know so you can raise this beautiful little animal.

Feeding the hamster:

The hamster needs many nutrients from proteins, vitamins and minerals.

As it is not fed in a random way as some believe, but is in need of plant and animal food together, and there are a number of important considerations that must be taken into consideration during the process of nutrition, which are as follows:

        .The average amount of Dry materials 15 grams approx eaten by hamster is 15 grams.
        .It is also necessary to provide adequate amounts of protein in the food that it takes, while avoiding non-proliferation, because of the negative effects and troubles in the kidneys. 
        .You should diversify into hamster food, so that it has all the nutrients it need.    
        .You should always supply the hamster with fresh food, do not give it food from the day before and make sure to provide clean water always so as not to cause health problems for him.

Tips before buying a hamster

There are a set of important foundations that must be considered before buying hamsters, including:

                1 .taking into account its age,so do not buy hamsters of small ages or large ages,so that it is not less than three weeks old, because small ages may be subject to self-death for not being able to feed themselves.

               2 .The appropriate timing during the purchase,so it is going to buy it after sunset, it is considered as a night animal that sleeps throughout the day,and start its activity at night, and therefore can determine the health status of him, and know whether he suffers from some diseases or not.

                3 .During the purchase process, it is best to bring a small cage to put it in, not to leave it for a long period of time because it will be strangled, especially if the cage is small in size and a little ventilation.

               4 .Choose the hamster who is healthy and avoid buying the sick or wounded species even at half the price, because this leads to the transmission of infection to all persons surrounding it and many of the negative effects  bad result of the transmission of diseases.

               5 .Make sure that the eyes of the hamster shiny , and that the fur clean and dry and not wet at all, because these marks are clear evidence of good health.

               6 .The hamster nose should be free from any impurities, and its body should be fully covered with hair, so it should be checked carefully to ensure that there are no hair-free areas.

                7 .There is a set of tools that must be purchased with the hamster, including the cage, which is available from many different species, which are made of wires and made of plastic, and each of these types of characteristics and disadvantages of its own, which are differentiated between what the person sees jam Fit him.

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