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Top 10 types of cats

Top 10 types of cats

At first, this article is not for people with phobia and avian hatred. Although I am from this category, I will present my article to the one I want one day, even though the love and cuddle of cats is commonplace in everyday life. Girls often use more than males to acquire cats to raise them at home, and to become friendly friend, but that does not mean that any type of acquisition or fit for education. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the best types of domestic cats, that is, that you can raise them at home to make them a wonderful future friend, and Anisa for unity.

10) Angora Turkish cat

Angora Turkish cat

This cat is characterized by the thick fur around its neck and chest in a beautiful way. It has eyes with a lozenge shape with many colors that can be on it. It is either blue or green and sometimes orange. It is very nice that this is a beautiful cat. The type may take his eyes two colors at once, imagine O God God to be a cat with a blue eye and the other green! Glory be to God. Your passion for this pet will increase your tranquility, and you can present it as a festive gift, and its history indicates that it grew up within the royal family, as it was accepted by them as a luxury gift.

9) The Cat Shirazi

The Cat Shirazi

Or as the Persian cat. The Shirazi cat is considered to be one of the most common types of domestic cats. It is distinguished by the length of its hair, its gluttony and its softness, where it tramples on its body with all kindness, attracts the beholder and accompanies it with the beauty of its eyes and its luster and shortness of feet. You will have the opportunity to choose any Shirazi cat from three types: the Himalayas, the Bekis Vis, and the Moon Ves also, and the color is many between black and white and dark brown. I think he has the right to be among the most expensive cat breeds in the world, with prices ranging from 500-5500 US dollars depending on the breed.

8) The British Cat

The British Cat

Indeed, this cat is a peak in beauty and magnificence, its appearance as a painting that deserves only to be looked at, and add to it that the loving quiet of the house does not make any noise at all. It is recommended for those who intend to take the risk of raising cats for the first time at home. It is characterized by shyness, calmness and easy learning. Its physical characteristics are full of thick fur covered with rich colors such as chocolate, gray, honey, white, and black. Also.

7) Berman cat

Berman cat

Commonly known as the Sacred Cat of Burma as well. This cat will never tire of your eyes from seeing it, and your eyes will see it all. I saw his long, silky hair falling over his full body, especially if his hair was light. Let me tell you the good news that you will not have any difficulty in driving or caring for him, and you will never get upset with him when he eats like other cats, but kindly give him enough tenderness between hug and relaxation between the arms like a child completely.

6) Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat

The cat is characterized by its thin and long body, long tail and dark color from the sides, eyes almonds and color either green or yellow His ears are long and pointed, the color of the cat is either red or striped copper, an active cat and his prophet, fondling and fond of pampering, but difficult in education.

5) Somali Cat

Somali Cat

American cat is like a Abyssinian Cat,, thick-skinned, long-haired with a rounded head, a wide head, wide ears and eyes, green or golden, his hair is strong. It is a skilled fisherman who loves to hunt mice and birds. , And loved food on meat.

4) Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat
Resembles The Turkish Angora , covered with long and thick fur, with a broad head and short nose and blue eyes, is characterized by a thin and calm print, ideal for home education and swimming.

3) Balinese cat

Balinese cat
The American cat was discovered in 1950, his mother is Siamese, characterized by his hair that is soft and long and thick from the top and short from the bottom, and his face resembles the face of the cat Siamese, body light and characterized by agility, and features that his legs from the back longer than the front, long nose and eyes blue, His tail is long and covered with thick hair, a warm print, and his voice is as intelligent as the sound of Siamese.

2) American Bobtail

American Bobtail
A poptal American cat, a result of the hybridization of an American cat, is characterized by his personality as he is sensitive, very loving and sensitive.

1) Bombay cat

Bombay cat
The Bombay cat is a type of short-haired cat developed by breeding sable Burmese and black American Shorthair cats, to produce a cat of mostly Burmese type, but with a sleek, panther-like black coat. Bombay is the name given to black cats of the Asian group Bombay cat is also called the Black Burmese, and nicknamed "mini-panther.

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