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what are the top seven freshwater fish for beginners ?

what are the top seven freshwater fish for beginners ?

If you have decided to raise ornamental freshwater fish, you will first need to decide whether you want the aquarium filled with hot or cold water. Each type of fish pond has its benefits and species of ornamental fish are also different. There are many kinds of ornamental fish which Living in warm, fresh waters you can choose from, this is a list of the top seven freshwater fish for beginners in the breeding of ornamental fish.

7. Beta Fish:

 Betta Fish

If you are looking for an eye-catching light with bright colors and adding it to your aquarium, there is a betta fish that is one of the right choices,The males are characterized by the presence of long shiny fins, and these fish are known as Siamese fighter fish, fighting the other betta fish,so it is best to choose one fish from the fish in your aquarium. Beta fish are bold fish, and beta fish feed on broken food or small pellets.
You can create a beautiful aquarium of fresh water fish. This will be a rewarding experience. First, make sure you have the aquarium you want to build, a basin of cold water or hot water.

6. Swordtail:


The Sordeltail is closely linked to Platte's fish,The male Sordeltai has a long fin like a sword,Sordeltail fish are not active however they add bright colors to the aquarium,The fish of the Sordeltail fish are bold and remain static for a long time, making them the ideal fish for beginners, and these fish contain a variety of colors to be selected,You will be sure to choose one of the many or many Sordeltaifish in your aquarium.

5. Platy fish:

Platy fish

Platy fish are good fish for beginners,because there are a variety of these fish can be chosen from them,these fish are considered good in communities within the aquarium with other non-active fish,platy eats dried or frozen dried food,they also form a good choice because they eat any of the algae that may grow in the aquarium.

4. Black tetra fish:

Black tetra fish

This type of fish is peaceful and would prefer to be kept in pairs or in a larger group,which eat any prepared food, and black tetra fish tend to swim in the middle of the aquarium And hate confrontation,The aquarium should include rocks, plants and other hiding places for these fish.

3. Black Molly fish:

Black Molly fish

Molly fish is a good choice if you want to keep a community inside the aquarium that contains many different fish species. This type of fish is adapted to fresh water, brackish water and salt water. New, these fish prefer a temperature ranging from 21 - 27 ° C, and these fish tend to eat small fish if there is no aquarium in the plants sufficient to hide around the young ones.

2. Danio fish:

Danio fish
Danyo fish are small fish, and when they start jumping in the aquarium for the first time they need to test the water first, and the fish of Danyo are bold fish that live well in a variety of conditions, so these fish are considered the first choice for beginners. Live in a group near the surface of the water, most of these fish have bright horizontal lines that attract attention, which are fish acacia not difficult to satisfy and can feed on fish spoiled fish.

1. The Golden Fish:

The Golden Fish

Many goldfish come in many kinds of sizes and colors, and many people prefer to raise fish with a swollen head and a tail that looks like a fan, and many golden fish for beginners who have a cold water basin, and goldfish prefer to live at temperatures between 16 - 23 ° C, Goldfish tend to be chaotic when eating food, so be sure to change 10% of the water every week, and water treatment so that the chlorine is removed from the water is also a good idea

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