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What games are appropriate for your cat

What games are appropriate for your cat

Cats are beautiful and friendly creatures who love running, playing and fun, so do not try to reduce your cat's ability to play and enjoy and enjoy normal playing times.
The level of intelligence of cats is linked to the intelligence of their owners and their ability to develop these traits by providing an ideal environment similar to the environment in which cats live in the wild.
Cats are animal hunters, so they love activity and movement instinctively. If you engage your cat in different games periodically, you will notice that cats have great skills in various games even if these games are a rope tug.
You may now wonder about games that can attract cats and give him a wonderful time of play and fun while helping to raise the intelligence of cats.

Bird Games for cats:

Bird Games for cats

In these games are waving a bird or a stick containing a bird in the form of a game, these games require cats to jump in the air and try to catch the bird using his front paws.
We recommend that you choose a safe area at home so that the cat can play with these games. This area is also wide so that the cat can not jump on the furniture, for example.

Hunting and Kicking Games:

Like this

These games highlight the cat's natural ability to hunt prey, pull prey, control and move it.
How many times have you noticed that your cat is holding your hands or one of her favorite toys with her teeth and kicking her hard with the hindquarters of her back foot. In this way cats kill their prey and neutralize their resistance.
So it is one of the fun games for your cat. Provide a lightweight doll with fur or feathers in the form of a rabbit or a mouse to look like real rabbits.
To start the game, throw the game on the ground until you see your cat and start jumping towards it and catching it through punches and blows.

You are the game

These games help to come out of the nature of predation in cats where cats enjoy the disappearance and appearance, which explains why hidden under the table or bed.
After hiding, the cats come out of the place where you are hiding in a sudden way and then you roll on your feet or on anything that surrounds the place.
You can play with your cat this game but you have to wear what protects your feet and fingers from scratching and redness when the cat jumps on your feet.

What is the right time for playing ?

Cats prefer to play at dawn and sunset where this time is the best for them.

Experts also say that cats are at times more able to move and have greater energy at this time than other times.

In addition to being in a fantastic mood at this time, but unfortunately you are at this time may be tired and sleepy after a hard day's work.

Experts recommend that cat owners need to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day playing purposefully with cats because that has many benefits.

One of the most important benefits that cats get from playing is to develop the level of intelligence of cats as they become more active and give them a proper and healthy weight playing.

In addition, cats are prohibited from carrying out unwanted behaviors such as ripping sofa beds, breaking home furniture, and other unacceptable behaviors.

Cats differ from dogs in many things, including that they do not like hiking like dogs but prefer playing and entertainment.

Therefore, we recommend that you play with cats in the morning or evening or at any time you want cats to play in it, and it will bear fruit in many ways.

Where cats are more self-confident and learn to do a lot of things and have many skills and talents distinctive as well as being less prone to boredom and less conduct bad behaviors.

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