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Who are the 10 smallest animals in the world ?

Who are the 10 smallest animals in the world ?

Animals vary in shapes and sizes, such as large animals such as the elephant and giraffe and very small animals such as the mouse and the bird, but did you know that the smallest animal in the world so tiny naked eye can not see ?! You know more about him in this article where we show you 10 of the smallest animals in the world.

10)TheRoyal Antelope

The Royal Antelope

Is a small mammal, one of the smallest species of antelopes around the world, no more than 30 cm long, and lives in dense African forests, and this small animal is known for his shame, and this animal lives on the fruit falling and leaves.

9)American dwarf monkey

American dwarf monkey

This rare monkey lives in tropical rainforests, specifically in the Amazon basin, ranging in length from 14 to 16 cm and weighs about 120 grams.

8)Desert Fox "Fink"

Desert Fox "Fink"

Lives in the Sahara and the northern parts of Africa, as well as some of the Saharans in the Arabian Peninsula, and is considered an endangered animal.



It is a breeding animal for the characteristics of rabbits and mice, and is considered a pet rodent that can be raised in homes, and is frequent in Europe and America.

6)The dwarf gerbils

The dwarf gerbils

It is a very shy night animal that is closer to the mouse. The animal lives in the desolate deserts and seldom comes out of its hole in broad daylight. It is between 10 and 20 cm long.

5)Small chameleon

Small chameleon

Have been discovered recently on the back of the African island of Madagascar, each of which is 3 cm in length from the beginning of the head to the end of the tail.

4)The Little Octopus
The Little Octopus

It is the smallest octopus discovered to date, living this type of octopus in the Indian and Indian oceans, scientists say that is rare to exist.

3)Seahorse Dwarf "Hippocampus denise"

Seahorse Dwarf "Hippocampus denise"

It is one of the youngest newly discovered marine animals, 1.5 cm in length, and lives only 90 meters underground.

2)The Little Frog

The Little Frog

Is a rare species of frogs that does not exceed 7.7 millimeters long, that is, smaller than an adult. This type of frog has recently been discovered in one of the remote Guinean islands to the southwest of the Pacific Ocean.

1)Little jellyfish

Little jellyfish

The size of this type of jellyfish does not exceed the size of a small kid nail, but it has enough venom to kill an adult man.

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