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Why the king of the jungle is lion ?

Why the king of the jungle is lion ?

Why the king of the jungle is lion ?

Assad is the king of the jungle and this is a foregone conclusion and there is no concern about him, everyone is afraid of proximity to him, whether animals or humans and he is from the family of the birds when he was named the king of the jungle This is what we will recognize in our next subject followed us with that article.

Reasons for naming lion as king of the jungle

Its strong senses :

As the lion has a strong set of senses that are unique to each other. He has a very powerful sense of smell. He can easily recognize his prey. Once he passes through his side, he can not only smell the prey, but he can easily locate it. Assad has a very strong sense of vision. He can see better than humans and in a way that surpasses him about a fold. The lion can easily hear the sound of his prey a mile away, and therefore the most important characteristic of him is his different senses.

Its strong muscles :

The lion has strong muscles due to the mass of bone which contains his body, which is relatively small compared to size and therefore this is why the walk filled with prestige, has the muscles in front of his body enables him to strike through where he can slit the back of any animal such as a large zebra.

Enjoy it with the pride :

Where he is characterized by pride and prestige together, which makes him the king of the jungle with excellence and can be identified from the follow-up behavior and looks, as a strong animal does not fear confrontation even if it will come out of losing his life is strong in the confrontations and does not resemble any other animal.

Voice of the lion :

His voice is also one of the most important reasons behind the name of this name, the lion's voice or his roar is what makes it strong and has an unaccustomed prestige it does not need to hide from any other animal, and has a jug about his head, which resembles the crown in its form is what gives the lion prestige as given by size Larger than its size and giving it a scary, royal and attractive appearance.

General behavior :

The lion spends about 20 hours in a day's sleep and the females collect the food by catching prey and dare not eat it until the lion eats the male in the first, and therefore the male does not collect food or hunt prey, so he spends his entire life between sleep, food and drink any life Kings are therefore king.

Why not tiger :


Despite the strength of the tiger, which is much more than the lion and the distinct from the capabilities of combat is very high and more than the lion and the tiger is smarter than it, and the Tigers have a much larger muscle mass than that of the Black, where the Tigers use the front feet on the opposite of the lion Which uses four legs in attack. The blacks hunt collectively, making them immune to other animals, the tiger is chasing alone, and the most difficult battles are between the tiger and lion as they drain their forces together and end with the death of one of them or possible to die together. But what distinguishes Assad is his high ability in combat experience and the most important thing that makes blacks are the kings of the forest is their ability to fight in groups unlike the Tigers, which fights alone.

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