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9 Diseases That Spread From Stray Cats To Your Cat

9 Diseases That Spread From Stray Cats To Your Cat

9 Diseases That Spread From Stray Cats To Your Cat
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According to the Humane Society of the U.S., there are quite seventy million untamed and stray cats roaming the streets.

Because stray cats often carry dangerous diseases in gastrointestinal, the simplest thing that you just will do to shield your domesticated cat against serious health problems is to keep it indoors. By staying inside, it is possible that your cat will not fight other animals So you won't get injured to wounds, she will also stay away from parasites that spread the infection, including fleas and ticks, and prevent kidney failure that can occur as a result of ingesting toxic substances such as freezing.

Outdoor cats and people that board multi-cat homes have the very risk of the malady. However, indoor cats and "only cats" will get sick, too. the nice news regarding cat diseases is that the majority are simply preventable; the dangerous news is that after your cat contracts associate degree health problem, it will be difficult to treat. it is also vital to stay in mind that even minor ailments will recommend major health issues. however, some cat diseases are a lot of dangerous than others. browse on to find out regarding a number of the foremost serious ones.

Kidney sickness

Symptoms: dry coat, weight loss, bad breath, drooling, inflated evacuation and thirst

While nephropathy will affect all cats older and breed, it's particularly found in cats seven years older and older and hairy breeds like Persians and Angoras. Acute kidney failure can even occur if your cat ingests a harmful substance like liquid, pesticides, or human medications like NSAID.

"What cardiovascular disease is for humans, nephropathy is for felines – a number one reason for suffering and death," says Dr. Roberta Relford, a chief medical man of IDEXX Laboratories. "As they grow up, the chance they're going to develop nephropathy will increase."

If you think your cat has nephropathy, take her to the vet at once thus she will be able to get blood and excretory product tests. If the excretory organ injury is thanks to a urinary-tract blockage, she is going to be admitted for surgery, therefore, the blockage is often removed, however, if it’s thanks to obstruction, she is going to run association medical care, medication, and kidney-friendly diets to treat the sickness over time. the simplest thanks to treating nephropathy are to catch it early. Dr. Relford says SDMA, a check that screens for nephropathy, is obtainable to any or all vets in the U.S. and North American countries and might observe nephropathy months to years before if you wait to examine till she’s recent or till you see symptoms.

Kidney disease is often expensive to treat, particularly if you do not have pet insurance. Here's what to try to to.

Feline immunological disorder virus (FIV)

Symptoms: weight loss, dry coat, skin problem, diarrhea

FIV (related to HIV, however species-specific to felines) is transferred by bite wounds, and once it enters the blood and attacks the system, it's fatal. What’s additional, FIV is assessed as a lentivirus, or "slow virus," thus infected cats will look traditional for years because the virus slowly weakens his system. though most vets check for FIV once your cat could be a kitten, most FIV tests taper off as your cat grows older thus you ought to request a medical annually, particularly if he’s exhibiting signs of the sickness. to stop your feline from acquiring FIV, keep him inside faraway from territorial and untamed cats and keep him up-to-date on vaccines.

If you're thinking that your cat has FIV, take him to the vet thus associate degree protein check is often administered to understand evidently. If he will have FIV, he ought to be confined inside thus he cannot unfold it to alternative cats or animals, unsexed if he isn’t already, fed a healthy diet, and often taken to the vet for checkups. though thoughts on specific lifespan and the way to handle an FIV-infected cat vary from vet to vet, most vets agree FIV will gratingly impact and shorten a cat’s life.


Symptoms: inflated evacuation and thirst, weight loss, vomiting, plantigrade stance (when your catwalks on her rear hocks rather than her toes)

Both varieties of polygenic disease area unit common in cats and seem to get on the increase as a result of cats live longer, area unit additional seemingly to be weighty, and eat high carb diets. kind one is a smaller amount common and happens once there's an absence of hormone whereas kind two is additionally common and happens once there's a resistance to the hormone. though their area unit 2 differing kinds of polygenic disease, treatment is mostly similar.

To determine if your cat has high levels of aldohexose, and, ultimately, diabetes, your vet can run excretory products and blood tests. If your cat has the polygenic disease, she is going to have to be compelled to have hormone injections doubly daily and her diet and weight are going to be heavily monitored. to stay here on a healthy track over time and hopefully get her into diabetic remission, take her frequently to the vet for checkups, monitor her blood and excretory product reception, and obtain her on a high protein/low carb diet.

If you are not certain if your pet is healthy or not, here area unit some ways in which to inform.


Symptoms: looseness of the bowels, skin problem, bladder infection, physiological state

Leukemia is cancer of the white blood cells and is unfold through a pestilence found in spit and excretory products. Cats that area unit the best risk of acquiring it area unit people who brook or are available shut contact with infected cats — cats transfer the virus via shared bowls or fighting or perhaps the mother’s placenta.

To determine if your cat has leukemia, a pestilence check is going to be administered looking at that stage of infection you’re handling. Sadly, leukemia is commonly fatal in cats. Even cats with kinds of leukemia that do answer therapy have a mean survival rate of but a year. as a result of there's no cure, the simplest thanks to keeping your cat from acquiring leukemia is by maintaining regular vet visits, obtaining her immunized, and keeping her far away from infected cats and animals.


Symptoms: fever, weight loss, upset, aggression, muscle spasms, drooling

Rabies could be a virus infection that's unfolded by a bite or spit from associate degree infected animals, and once the virus enters the body, it attacks your cat’s nerves, medulla spinalis, and brain and is fatal. thanks to its severity and since it unfolds simply from animals to humans, several cities, states, vets, and groomers need cats to be immunized.

And if you thought zoonosis primarily affected dogs, you’d be wrong. In fact, in keeping with the Centers for sickness management and bar (CDC), cats area unit additional seemingly to be according to rabid: "Cats area unit usually in shut contact with each human and wild animals, together with those who primarily transmit zoonosis."

Unfortunately, there's no treatment for cats once they contract zoonosis, and it's fatal. the simplest thanks to forestalling it's obtaining her immunized and keeping her from passionate life.

Feline Infectious peritoneal inflammation (FIP)

Symptoms: weight loss, lethargy, fever

FIP could be a sickness caused by a feline coronavirus (FCoV) and is transmitted through BM. FIP has 2 forms – wet and dry. The wet kind causes buildup within the chest, leading to abdominal distension or metabolism issues. The dry kind creates inflammatory lesions known as pyogranulomas throughout the body, poignant very important organs and systems just like the kidneys, liver, and system. FIP primarily affects young cats underneath the age of 2 and is commonly fatal.

Unfortunately, preventing your cat from acquiring FIP and even identification him is tough thanks to restricted analysis and study. There are not any screen tests to verify infection, and though a vaccination is obtainable, it'snot suggested thanks to its restricted proof of success.. till additional studies area unit conducted, the sole treatment for FIP is palliative care, serving to your cat feel as traditional and comfy as potential till kill is chosen.


Symptoms: coughing, vomiting, weight loss, seizures

Heartworm could be a dangerous and generally fatal sickness that infects your cat’s heart and lungs. It’s unfolded by mosquitoes and has been according altogether fifty states, no matter whether, and climate.

The yank Heartworm Society says heartworms area unit more durable to observe in cats than in dogs (in truth, generally the primary sign of heartworm in cats is sharp collapse or death). Cats ought to be screened, tested, and prescribed preventative medication to thwart a heartworm infection. sadly, not like dogs, there's no drug wont to treat heartworm infection in cats, thus a long-run arrange of correct vet care and maintaining monthly preventatives (like pills, topicals, or shots) is essential. you'll be able to order in style heartworm treatments on sites.


Symptoms: emesis, diarrhea, inflated evacuation and thirst, dry coat, modification in craving, cardiovascular disease

Hyperthyroidism comes from associate degree overrun of thyroid hormones, increasing the rate of your cat’s body and golf shot stress on her kidneys, heart, liver, and alternative very important organs. If left untreated, it is often fatal.

To find out if your cat has thyrotoxicosis, your vet can conduct a physical examination, checking for enlarged glands and checking her pulse and pressure. If she will have the sickness, you've got 3 choices on however you wish to treat it: medication, surgery, or radioactive-iodine medical care. whereas medication like anti-thyroid medication and surgery area unit necessary treatments, radioactive-iodine medical care is quickly changing into the foremost in style kind thanks to its low risk, high success, and lack of facet effects.

Keeping pets healthy

Dr. Denise Petryk, DVM and in-house veterinary for Trupanion, says though some health problems and diseases area unit out of your management, the simplest thanks to keep your cat healthy is by seeing your vet a minimum of once a year for an everyday medical, requesting routine blood and excretory product testing when he’s seven years recent, discussing nutrition together with your vet and keeping an eye fixed on your cat’s diet and weight, and keeping him active.

Learn additional concerning the way to keep all those medical prices low here.

By keeping your cat within and faraway from unknown untamed cats and maintaining regular vet visits and a healthy diet, you’ll scale back his possibilities of obtaining sick, creating the foremost of his 9 lives.

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