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After his death .. Karl Lagerfeld leaves his fortune for his pampered cat "choupette"

After his death .. Karl Lagerfeld leaves his  

fortune for his pampered cat "choupette"

After his death .. Karl Lagerfeld leaves his fortune for his pampered cat "choupette"

After the death of international fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, a French page published news that his cat, Shobette, would probably inherit his $ 150 million fortune.

choupette was a late permanent companion, who had already expressed his great love for him, saying that had it not been for the legal impediment to marry his dear puss.

A group of designers expressed their grief over the departure of the fashion icon. Louis Vuitton President Bernard Arnault issued a statement saying: “With the departure of Karl Lagerfeld, we have lost a creative genius that has made Paris the fashion capital of the world and made Fendi one of the most Italian fashion houses. Creative. “Fashion and culture have lost a great source of inspiration.”

The fashion icon has died at a Parisian hospital at the age of 85, according to the French house Chanel, where he served as its artistic director for 36 years.
While you have not yet identified choupette, the cat of the international fashion designer of the French fashion house Chanel Karl Lagerfeld, interviewed in the New York fashion magazine, her spokesman said she was asked for two jobs in 2014 and received and found an offer of $ 3. Millions of euros.

In 2014, choupette worked with two of the world's largest companies, one for a German car company and one for skin cosmetics, Lagerfeld told the magazine.

He added that she was not allowed to act as a model in ads selling and marketing cats because she was "smarter than that."

The magazine reports that Lagerfeld, a cat breeder, was born in the 1930s and lived in World War II. He did not marry and had no children.

"They have to take care of their beautiful white fur, they have to put a drop of eyes in their eyes, entertain them and play with them," he said.

In an earlier interview with Agencefield on French television, he declared that choupette had a wealth of its own so that it would not lack anything in her life even after the death of the owner, saying: "choupette" is one of my heirs. "Because the money that Shobet earned from advertising was her wealth, she made her rich and she didn't need anyone."

In addition to being the star of the famous advertising company "Show Omura" beauty, it also appeared previously on the covers of many magazines, such as: "Harpers Bazaar" and "Grazia" and "Wug" German.

choupette is famous in Europe for being one of the most famous fashion designers in the world.

It also has a Instagram account with more than 285K followers and nearly 4,000 tweets.

After his death .. Karl Lagerfeld leaves his fortune for his pampered cat "choupette"

But the subject did not stop there. Miss Melanie revealed shocking and unbelievable information about what this pampered cat has for Lagerfeld, including three names named "choupette", "Princess choupette" and "Queen choupette".

She also has two maids, including a favorite maid named Françoise, a bodyguard and a chef. He has a diary of her own, which was revealed by Lagerfeld, pointing out that these notes contain all their activities and moods, which benefits her veterinarian.

The Berman Choupette cat also has its electronic device. It earned about $ 3.8 million after participating in a car campaign in Germany and another for a makeup line until it had its makeup line and a special fashion line. Lagerfeld, entitled "Choupette in Love," included clutch designs, bags and other pieces that appeared on the cat with her boyfriend, "Bad Boy."


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