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how to train a cat to sit

How To Train A Cat To Sit 

Although cats have a strong, independent character, there are still many ways to train cats to sit easily. Cats are smart animals and can train and learn by following a few simple tips.

The importance of training cats on basic commands, especially sitting, will be very helpful, especially if your cat is small. Kittens always hide under furniture and then suddenly pounce on your feet, which can run over them under the feet.

So it will be useful to train her to sit in giving her some orders when you are busy preparing anything at home or you do various household tasks that do not ask you to distract in focus.

It will also help you when some guests come to your home to ensure that your cat is safe and will not be harmed by guests while you are not paying attention.

Dishes follow positive stimulation while training cats on any order to ensure a quick response from cats and make progress in training

Positive Motivation: 

Motivating cats to obey commands during training by giving them some rewards such as cat treats, which are sold at pet supplies stores. You'll find a lot of species that cats love.

You can also use canned cat food as a reward or use any kind of sweets that cats love. You can use canned tuna as a reward while training cats to sit because of their taste and appeal to cats.

During the exercise, you will need a long stick or a wooden spoon.

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Steps to train your cat in detail:

1. Install the cat or bonus candy on the tip of the wooden spoon or stick and then slowly move it over your cat's head and nose to tempt it. Then move the stick back behind your cat quietly and then you will find your cat following the candy with her head back and then sitting on her back feet.

2 - You may find your cat has jumped for the highest time you raise the candy completely in front of it for several seconds and return the cat to normal and then repeat the process until you notice that your cat sitting on her feet. Once you sit down, give her a stick or spoon to make her taste and then lift the spoon or stick again.

3 - you must reward the cat as soon as you sit and encouraged, whether by a word of encouragement or patting on her head.

4 - Repeat the process many times and once the cat sitting rewarded appropriately. When you start to get used to the game and sit down to get the reward, you must develop the process of training the cat to sit as we will show you.

5 - Start moving the stick or spoon over the head of the cat. Once you sit down, repeat the word "Sit" or "Sit" or whatever word you want to associate with what you are going to do.

6 - When performing the act does not reward them every time. It can be rewarded once and not rewarded twice. So you start to get used to obeying it more and link to the word you repeat in front of it.

7 - You can also reward it from some candy in your hand and not from the candy on the spoon. So you begin to understand that the reward will come if you do the right thing and don't tie the reward to the stick that moves it over its head.

Gradually use your hands instead of a spoon. Put some candy in your hands and move it over her head back in the same way as a stick or spoon to stimulate it and repeat the word that you want to link by sitting. Then when she sits, give her candy and encourage her.

9 - gradually the cat will begin to link the word with the verb and gradually will be able to easily give it this command and make it sit at any time you want without problems.

Golden advice for your cat sitting (About experience)

Move the stick or wooden spoon with the cat's candy on top of the head until you sit dow

What I advise you (unique tips)

Training cats to sit this way will work well within a few days of repetition, but there are some important tips to pay attention to be successful.

Do not train your cat immediately after meals. Because cats at this time need to relax as they will not show much desire to receive the reward.

Choose a consistent time for training and it is advisable to be in the evening just before you sleep. Cats are active in the evening, so if you train with your cat in the evening, you ensure yourself a long, restful sleep because the cat will often sleep after training because of fatigue and satiety.

Do not reward your cat unless it has already corrected. The cat must learn that the reward is already tied to the correct obedience to you, otherwise you will not succeed in training her on the rest of the commands.

Be sure to hide the bonus or candy box in a place that is too far away from your cat and it is advisable to have a closed place. Because cats will do anything to get to the candy to eat and then you may become obese or shocked by too much.

Don't overdo it with your cat, as it can be very harmful to her health and may become obese. This is one of the most serious diseases that can affect cats and lead to many health complications.

With the development of training. You should raise your hand a little bit until the cat gets used to the command regardless of where your hands are, and you can try to move away from it a little while giving orders gradually until the cat gets used to the command with just a headset.

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